Drupal Development

Drupal - Content Management System

Drupal offers flexibility and control to any existing CMS today . Drupal is the result of over 10 years of development and collaboration between a huge community of programmers, multimedia experts and designers.

Drupal is developed in PHP and is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL). Drupal is a content management system that runs directly on the server and allows creating pages and document management in real time.

Drupal is a stable platform, secure, highly flexible due to  thousands of extensions available.

Drupal provides an administration interface (back end) that the site administrator can easily manage the content and layout of your site without programming skills.

Drupal was chosen as the working platform for a large number of well-known websites worldwide including: NASA, Sony BMG, MTV Europe, Yahoo! Research , Harvard University , Greenpeach UK, Amnesty International, Popular Science, Whitehouse. gov

Drupal - Features

Currently all consacrated websites are using a content management system (CMS).

Content management systems offer several advantages over traditional Web sites, including:

  • Once it has been configured, Drupal is extremely intuitive , enabling to add, edit or delete pages in a very simple way.
  • What you see is what you get (WYSIWYG editor) like a regular text editor (MS Word, Open Office)
  • Navigational menus and links are generated automatically by the CMS.
  • Multimedia support is available in Drupal, you can easily add audio , videos, flash  and image files.

Drupal consulting

Already using Drupal and have questions about it ? You are using Drupal platform, and want to expand the functionality of them? Do you want to know if Drupal platform is the best solution for your future project?

Our duty is to ensure that  Drupal works with a yield of 100%, exceeding your expectations, promote your business properly, you delight users and your staff in the same measure.

Drupal offers flexibility, functionality and scalability unmatched in any area of web development when you know how to use it's true power.

We are excited to share experience, expertise and practical advice in drupal every time we are asked:

  • Identifying the most appropriate modules for project
  • Platform installation and configuration of Drupal and modules
  • Explaining Drupal terminology
  • Choosing and installing the best theme 
  • Valid  XHTML / CSS for Drupal theme development
  • We ensure that all conditions are met for proper functionality of the web site

Drupal Development Services in Birmingham

  • Drupal Consulting - Understanding Drupal platform and its capabilities
  • Install Drupal - Installing, configuring and running the platform in a safe and efficient way
  • Development of Drupal themes (templates) - valid HTML5 / CSS3 coding standards
  • Drupal module development on demand - drupal modules that meet customer requirements
  • Convert existing website to Drupal website
  • Drupal Training - training administration backend / frontend management
  • Drupal maintenance - maintenance and premium support services