Joomla Development

Joomla - What is?

Joomla is an award winning  content management system  (CMS) that help you build  strong and flexible web applications

Joomla platform is released under open source licence, which means it is available to anyone for use

Joomla is used all over the world, is flexible and powerful enough to be used with any type of online applications from personal pages, blogs to web applications for business segment.

Has a management interface that allows you to enter, edit and delete content management site sections and categories, images and other multimedia files, all in real time via web browser.

Joomla is so strong because of its huge community of developers around the world, and its extensions, whether alone components, modules, plugins sites or templates.

To WHO  is addressed Joomla ?

Joomla is a content management system, mature in continuous development and improvement, representing the work of tens of thousands of developers worldwide.

  • Presentation Website
  • Web Portals
  • Online Stores (Shopping cart)
  • Websites for all sizes of business
  • Websites for the non-profit organisations and charities
  • Government websites
  • Intranet / Extranet for all sizes of business
  • Personal Web Pages
  • Social networking websites
  • Magazines and newspapers (generally throughout the industry average)

The possibilities are practically endless ... when it comes about Joomla

Joomla web performance optimization

Flexibility and very friendly way of using Joomla CMS.  website has made one of the largest and most connected comunities in the world.More than 10000 extensions makes Joomla to adapt to any web application. However there is a small drawback, there are a number of extensions so large, there may be situations where you will need professional advice and we can help .

Joomla CMS is like a puzzle, we know that every piece has its place, depending on what you want from your website. We can provide you with profesional services as: install, configure or add custom funcitonalities  to meet your requirements.

Backup / Restore site

Whatever the case, you want a more powerful hosting service, you want to create  website safety backup, you have been  victim of a hacker attack, and you need regain functional in the shortest time.

From our experience we know that moving a website from one location to another can often be a difficult process, occurring unforeseen problems. And for someone who does not have sufficient technical knowledge risk destroying database irreparably.

Our team can transform this  difficult process in action, safely and in time that will not affect your business.

Joomla Training

Our team offers  clients  a free training session where we will go through the following steps:

  • Basic settings of a Joomla site
  • Management of multimedia files
  • Explanation of user interface (front-end)
  • Management of website content
  • Create and modify content
  • Joomla menu system
  • Modules management 
  • Managing Users

Purpose training session is to familiarize the client with Joomla CMS and site management in conditions of maximum security.

Joomla Development Services

  • Customizing and developing new functionality for Joomla platform
  • Joomla - template customization (Joomla Template)
  • Creating and implementing a template according to customer requirements
  • Development shop / eCommerce platform based on Virtuemart
  • Create Joomla template based on an existing layout
  • Marketing services to promote your online store
  • Creating Shipping Methods
  • Joomla SEO - Joomla website optimization for search engines
  • Backup / Restore database and Joomla website
  • Joomla SEO Audit - Keyword research and analysis of the website and  competition
  • Installation and configuration of components / modules / plugins for Joomla
  • Training for use of Joomla CMS
  • Joomla Maintenance - maintenance and premium support services