Magento Development

Magento - What is?

Magento is an ecommerce platform that offers unprecedented flexibility for open source e-commerce solutions.

Magento is created from the idea that each shop must be unique. Its modular architecture provides total control, making it adjustable for any type of online store  and any business model based on e-commerce .

Magento - Basic Features

Order process of a product is concentrated in a single page.

This allows you to view all information about the current transaction and allows the customer to change any information in real time without having to disrupt the order of the product. Therefore the risk of abandoning a transaction is reduced and the chances to lead the way significantly increases the purchasing process.

Magento - advanced marketing tools

Magento provides a products management system   ( shopping cart ) which allows you to create promotions that include all products, only certain categories or only selected products also allows using discount coupons for certain periods of time.

Magento - Search Engine Optimization

Magento is 100% optimized for search engines, providing relevant informations for  search, meta tags, description. Meta tags is included automatically and generates web page description, all these features attract the attention of search engines, contribute to a better indexing shop and eventually after a better positioning on search queries on the Internet.

Magento Development Services

  • Customizing and developing new functionality for Magento platform
  • Magento - custom template (magento theme)
  • Creating and implementing a theme according to customer requirements
  • eCommerce platform based on magento e-commerce solution
  • Creating Magento theme based on an existing layout
  • Marketing services to promote your online store
  • Creating multiple shipping methods
  • Search engine optimization for Magento eShop
  • Creating Landing pages / flypage (landing pages for certain categories or products of online store)
  • Integrating various online payment gateways 
  • Creating additional pages for Magento platform (CMS pages)
  • Training to use Magento Ecommerce application