Virtuemart Development

Virtuemart - Joomla Ecommerce

Virtuemart is a ecommerce platform for to Joomla websites.

VirtueMart is an open source platform , which means that there is a continuous development and improvement, taking benefit of an impressive community of web developers around the world, is safe, has a large number of modules that are designed to extend its functions.

Virtuemart functionalities

Products / Product Categories

  • Supports unlimited products, categories and subcategories
  • Catalog module allows disabling the shopping cart
  • Products can be assigned to several categories
  • Sorting products and categories according to various criteria
  • Can sell virtual goods that can be downloaded (mp3, software, templates, images, video, etc.).
  • Adding an unlimited number of photos and documents for each product
  • Adding attributes such as size, color, etc,for each product
  • Allow management or percentage reductions depending on quantity
  • Page with full details and images for each product
  • Import or export of the file. CSV format
  • Product inventory management in real time
  • Let customers know when a product is back in stock
  • Promotional Products (featured products)

Groups of customers / clients management

  • Attaching customer groups benefiting from global reductions discounts
  • Ability to attach multiple prices for a product for each customer group
  • Display prices for a particular group of customers

Virtuemart configuration

  • Shop  management  through Joomla  back end.
  • Can choose a template for each product category
  • Set global currency trading
  • Expanding shop with existing modules

Shipping Address

  • Customers can add individual addresses for shipping
  • Adding types of shipping

Virtuemart Services

  • Installing and configuring Joomla Virtuemart shop
  • Design templates according to client specifications
  • Virtuemart templates in PSD layout
  • Template for virtuemart products category page  and for the product details page 
  • HTML templates to Virtuemart template conversion
  • Virtuemart Template Valid W3C XHTML, CSS
  • Training administration and configuration store for Virtuemart
  • Virtuemart SEO - Search Engine Optimization 
  • Backup / Restore database and Virtuemart shop
  • Virtuemart SEO Audit - Keyword research and analysis of  website and the competition
  • Installing and configuring Virtuemart extensions 
  • Virtuemart store  maintenance  and premium support services